Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Super cute Fairy tale couple "Taryn and Gragkhom"

Hello dear Friends!  It is my new  two part sculpt Super cute Fairy tale couple "Taryn and Gragkhom"

Taryn is a anatomically correct girl  and she would be 4 inches tall if standing.
Her pointy fairy ears complementing  her young  female body
Art doll skin tone is original polymer clay color
Realistic skin highlights added with Genesis Oil Paint.
Hair made of baby-soft red mohair
and decorated with glass beads.
Her outfit and wings are attached permanently.
Total  piece is about  seven 7 inches tall.
Gragkhom is frustrated  but a very sweet goblin
 with wrinkly skin, beautiful blue eyes and a little remainder of green hair.
I sculpted his head as a base for Taryn.

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