Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to .....

How to attach..... how to make..... how to
Whaaaah! You have 10000 repeating questions:
"how you do it?", so i spend my not-valuable-for-you time
and put it all together on English,

which is not my language!
This just a repeating info from the description of my video(so do not read it if you already did it on youtube ).
and, Please, appreciate it! Love you all! Whaaaah.
-this is not an instruction or teaching material, just sharing my experience!

-polymer clay brand I am working with is Kato or Fimo, I do not mix them together;
-I do not paint my sculptures, it is original color of polymer clay custome bland/mix and basic blushing.
-Kato and fimo in flash colors get darker and little bit more translucent after curing.
-this doll was sculpted with Kato mix(beige+translucent+ white+liquid). It takes long-long time and finger blisters to mix Kato because it is really firm clay . I add liquid Kato to make it soft and easier to sculpt. I do prepare my mix ahead for many dolls to make.
-my fav sculpting tools are dental tools;
-I am smoothing polymer clay with flat brash dipped in liquid polymer clay and clay softener;
-No I do not use or make no molds!
-armature is 16G and 20G wire, paper or polymer clay coated. I am not sure what kind of wire it is I am using, I get it from hardware store awhile ago. Be aware that some wire can "leach" to the polymer clay during curing or later on make it dark; testing yours before use it on valuable project will be smart. Cover your armature with white glue and thin paper strips completely and dry it before start sculpting if you worrying about the wire you are using. ;
-Viscose, Silk or Mohair for hair + clear waterproof permanent fabric glue to attach it;
-film, fusible film or silk for wings;
-use Google or any other search engine to found this staff
P.S. KEEP IT CLEAN!!!!!!To eliminate visible lint in light colored polymer clay during sculpting -- wipe your hands and tools and working aria every 2-5 minutes with dump/wet paper towel and dry it. Also, You may consider some following steps for professional sculpting. Before sculpting with polymer clay make sure your sculpting room and everything in it is "surgically" clean(If you have rag or carpet -- you will have lint, so get rid of it, same for the textile furniture and window treatments and inspect your own closes on the matter of producing lint too). Turn ON: exhaust fan and purifier for at list 30 min before sculpting. Turn OF: furnace, air vent, ets. during sculpting. There... If air in your room is too dry than you will have floating lint any way, but if it is too humid you will have extra moonies and cracks in your cured clay, so go figure it out.
Nadiia Evans
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Ayala Art said...

This is a fun post to read!

nadiiaevans said...

thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Nadia your way to carve is fantastic Will try also I. Graces for your generosity.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Your work is incredible. So realistic! Thank you for posting this. Someone told me that you had a tutorial about how you do your incredible eyes. Do you have that somewhere that I can see? If my sculpting could be HALF as good as yours, I would be happy. :) Thank you!

soozy said...

Nadiia I feel your frustration lol. Your a sweetheart for sharing this, thankyou Nadiia XO :-)