Sunday, November 7, 2010

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood. This is the second awesome doll that comes wit her own DVD!  I self video recorded most of the "red riding hood" doll making process: the sculpting, the costuming, the wigging, and put it together on a exclusive DVD.
"Dear Grandma,
Mother told me that you were feeling sick and in bed. So I started on the long path, deep in the woods, to bring you some things to make you feel better. But, on my journey to your cabin, I discovered that the world is mean and cruel. So I am sending you this letter to let you know that I will be arriving late since I have decided to take matters into my own hands.
Red Riding Hood

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nadiia Evans talk about miniature Dolls eyes.

@ dolls by Nadiia 
I just send this PM to one of my fried and thought it would be interesting to some of you too.
"Hi ...! Thank you so much for writing me. I am a big fun of yours!