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Nadiia Evans talk about miniature Dolls eyes.

@ dolls by Nadiia 
I just send this PM to one of my fried and thought it would be interesting to some of you too.
"Hi ...! Thank you so much for writing me. I am a big fun of yours!

Manufacturers who produce IBD and other nail UV product can assure you that their product will not get yellow because it takes only 6 months for a nail to grow from the root to the free edge.( For toenail it can be up to 18 month.) Do they guarantee you that their product will have the same quality in 5, 10, 20 years after it has bean cured?
The trues is - any UV gel will develop yellow tint in long or short period of time if continue exposure to UV including non direct UV lite. Well, I need to say, that your beautiful dolls with UV gel domed eyes will be safe if kept forever in the room with no windows.
Now about Lisa Pavelka MG, it also a a UV cured product... Lisa herself explained a possibility of developing yellow tint or darkening of her Magic Glos. The benefit of her MG - it is assured NON harmfulness to cured polymer clay. It is OK to use for dolls eyes with caution and aware of color shifting possibility.
I would also recommend to use a heat resistant , non yellowing two part clear resin. I am not giving any body the brand name in purpose to encourage to make research, contact manufacturers and find out little bit more about exciting chemical reactions of products that we are using for our dolls...."

Following info added from my  FB wall :

Lifelike Polymer Clay Make your art doll collectors happy for many
years to come!Please remember that UV gels and Lisa Pavelka Magic
glos(really nice product) have tendency to develop yellow tint in oven
baked dolls eyes!!!!Most if not all 3D lacquers are not heat resistant
at all! Do not use any nail color, nail gloss, nail resin product ...on your
eyes ever(unless you are a professor in chemistry:))

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    • Nefer Kane I completely agree Nadiia.
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    • Kim Simpson good to know,, thankyou!!
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    • Tete Kelly Thank u for that tip. I hae this questions about the 3D laquer. I apply it after the doll has been baked. I only heated with a heat gun for a little bit, but I have not put it in the oven cuz I'm afraid it will bubble, any advice?
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    • Lifelike Polymer Clay Tete, here is the info for you:
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    • Janis Higgins
      Hi girl! Do you know if its just because of the heat from the oven, contact with polymer, shelf life in an Art doll or all? Would be so helpful if people displayed images here :D It would really help a lot of people out..

      This is all I know ... from Lisa's tips

      "Baking or exposure to heat will not cure the product, but baking can be done at temperatures up to 275° degrees Fahrenheit (135° Celsius) with cured Magic Glos. Note that some yellowing or darkening of the resin may occur."

      may occur or will occur? Hehe

      I still prefer FIMO because it is made for the oven and all my dolls seem perfectly fine. It's just always good to know the best methods :) or find new ones.

      Thanks for posting!

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    • Lifelike Polymer Clay Sorry for repeating it here, just wonted for everybody to see: I do recommend to work with Lisa Pavelka MG(just remember the yellowing part) or Fimo liquid clay for a glass-like dome on dolls irises.
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    • Janis Higgins Thanks for your message girl!! You are truly helpful. I was enjoying magic glos and got a little worried. I did a few tests in the oven and so far no problems. THANKS!
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    • Lifelike Polymer Clay
      Ha-ha, I just read my status and see that all thing may sounds like negative caution!
      I did not mean it! I wonted to say that I am against any nail products on dolls eyes and I am against baking any non heat resistant materials(read: most o...f the lacquers).
      Heat resistant resin is Ok if their components is not harmful for polymer clay in short and long term. Many resins shifting its coloration with different periods of time. Do make research on it before use!
      Lisa Pavelka is great for dolls eyes, just be cautious and remember "the yellowing tendency"(sorry for repeating myself again:))
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    • Janis Higgins That's ok! :D Thanks! I was confused at 1st until you PM me :D :D :D Now I am happy and relieved again lol
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nadiiaevans said...

comments from FB:
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Cathy Serrano Thank youso much for this info..this means so much to me ..great advice !!
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Tita Shaak Nadia, I have to ask what you use for the hair on your beautiful sculptures. It looks like you snipped it from a human head! But your own hair is still long and lovely, so do you carry a pair of scissors with you and steal it from unsuspecting pedestrians?; )
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A Gabriela Z Rodriguez
I have worked with resins ( like crystal, polyester, epoxy resins) for several years and I do know they turn slightly yellow. I have an old clown I made like 12 years ago, he was made with air dry clay and covered with a coat of two part c...rystal clear epoxy resin and is a bit yellow though not that much. You can hardly tell there is yellow on it. This two part epoxy resin I used on the clown had UV filters and was heat resistant (that said the label :P). Uv gels are resin too and have uv filters so I think there is no that much to worry about yellowing, the yellow is amost imperceptible and the cover on my clown is still crystal clear :). See More
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A Gabriela Z Rodriguez
If we cover our dolls´ faces with uv gel eyes while baking and do this each time we bake, will not be yellowing problems. I have tried it and works perfectly. :)
The problem with the fimo gel eyes is that we need to be very careful while scu...lpting around the eyes because they get cloudy very easy and is very frustrating. They look beautiful at first but they can turn very messy if we are not careful. Alltough this, I still like them :)See More
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A Gabriela Z Rodriguez
I forgot to mention, we should apply the uv gel only on the iris to build the lense, being careful do not touch the white area, this way if ever get yellow, will not be perceptible because the iris has color.

BTW, thank you for the advices Nadiia any information is invaluable.See More
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Lifelike Polymer Clay
HI Gabriella! Thank you so much for participating in this eye making topic.
Epoxy is a copolymer ow formed from two different chemicals. These are referred to as the "resin" and the "hardener". The resin consists of monomers or short chain ......polymers with an epoxide group at either end.
Epoxy or polyepoxide is a thermosetting polymer formed from reaction of an epoxide "resin" with polyamine "hardener".

Here you can read about Acrylic and Artificial Nail Product Chemistry

We making polymer clay dolls and we need to be sure that products we are using is stable and will not destroy our hard work!See More
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Karen Baker Thanks for adding me as a friend nadia, I love your work. What do you use for your eyelashes? They are magical
A Gabriela Z Rodriguez wow, very interesting, many thanks dear Nadiia xoxo
Lifelike Polymer Clay Thank you my dear friends! I am using both wefted mohair and fur for eyelashes and my dolls hair.

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Anonymous said...

Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

miniaturista said...

Son unos ojos muy expresivos y las muñecas me encantan, esculpes de lujo.
Un abrazo

Faerydae said...

I will add in that I believe that gel du soleil is also safe from yellowing, as it is a UV curing resin that is designed for jewelry, and most jewelry artists using clear resin for their pendants and beads are JUST as worried about yellowing as we are. It does state that it does not yellow on the package.