Sunday, March 27, 2011

OOAK tiny BJD fae fairy sculpture art doll

Several years ago I had a wish to make my BJD or ball jointed doll.  Now,  it is about time:)
Well, I will add her ebay auction description below:

Original Ball Jointed Doll
OOAK (One Of A Kind)
It is a single ART doll and
She is NOT to be reproduced in molds!
Doll is Blushed with Genesis oil paint and
sealed with polymer Matte finish.
This doll is 8 inches tall
sculpted in Polymer clay .
Balls, joints, fingers and toes reinforced with
transparent epoxy,they are very strong:)
and will not break easily!
This Tiny BJD has 16 points of movement and she is
very pose-able and playful for her small size.
Doll's removable WIG made from super soft blond natural
fibers and can be brushed and styled for fun!
Hand Made Outfit made of antique lace,
crocheted cotton and very soft silk.
(It includes dress, panties, and tall leg-warmers)
outfit can be easily removed.
Doll can be cleaned with cotton ball dipped in water
or rubbing alcohol for thorough cleaning without
worry of paint or makeup fading.
Yes, this beautiful doll has her own unique Lounge Chair.
It is made from air-dry clay constructed over strong wire mesh,
Painted with acrylics and sealed water-proof! 
This BJD can be re-stringed if needed, just take off her head plate and untie the nut. Her hands and feet has hook-type attachment style. I am providing extra 1mm elastic cord and wire hook with this auction.


Painting workshop said...

This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content and images as well! Thanks for sharing this! Great works!...Daniel

Christel said...

Hi Nadia, congratulations on your BJD she is wonderful. I too have been wanting to create a BJD, but have NO idea where to start, or how to construct one. I love yours she is beautiful. Good luck on her auction. xoxo Christel

nadiiaevans said...

Hi Christel! Thank you for stopping by!xoxxo
BJD are so much work! She was driving me crazy And I believed I have Patients... LOL,... NOT!

LuceLuna Reborn Dolls said...

I love your work!!!